shut down 11/2011 - moved to new one.

Throw back Thursday. LittleWen and an old puppy friend Kelly. Loved playing with that dog. :)



Post-it holder glee. #heartofficesupplies #yay (Taken with instagram)

Vroom vroom #subwaymess (Taken with instagram)

Rainy NYC. 



Long ass day calls for this. #lavacakesincluded #nomnomnom #beer (Taken with instagram)

Work has been crazed today and I’ve been *ahem* VERY distracted but I got it all done. I’m ready to continue training our new web admin, fixed all that needed to be fixed, and am now taking a breather and printing out free coloring book pictures. Cause, priorities. :)


I describe things in a suggestive voice that has you thinking I’m making a pass at you.
It’s the way I talk #shhh

Quick. Wear a skirt before the freezing weather hits. #bringonthesnow #POIDH #tease (Taken with instagram)

Good morning!

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